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Waxing South of the Border

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If you have never experienced the sheer joy of a clean, hairless bikini area, perhaps the idea of a Brazilian wax causes you to breakout into a spontaneous sweat. This reaction is entirely normal and you are not alone in your trepidation of the unknown. It is the purpose of this post therefore, to shed a little light on the subject and hopefully answer any questions you might have. (You might just make that wax appointment yet!)

What is the difference between a Bikini Wax and a Brazilian?
A traditional Bikini Wax, also known as an American Bikini Wax, is still the most popular choice. If you are a first time waxer or you are getting married in a month, this might be your best bet. During a Bikini Wax, the hair located near the panty line is removed (usually the top of your inner thighs and the area a few inches below the navel).

A French Bikini Wax includes the removal of even more hair, including your backside. Almost all hair is removed except for a “landing strip.” (This is just a small strip of hair in the front.) In a few states, including Utah, the French Bikini Wax is considered a Brazilian. This is because it is against State Laws to do a full Brazilian Wax.

A Full Brazilian Wax, also known as the Hollywood Wax, is the removal of all hair both front and back.

Is it embarrassing to get waxed in this area?
I’m not going to lie, for some people this procedure is a bit uncomfortable.
Please know that an experienced technician is not one bit embarrassed. When I have a Bikini or Brazilian Wax on my list of scheduled appointments, I do not break out in a fit of the giggles. I honestly think nothing of it and you shouldn’t either! WE ALL HAVE HAIR. Relax and just know that when its all over, you will be so thrilled with your new smooth self that you won’t care how it got to be like that.
If you are concerned about modesty, your technician might have paper disposable panties for you to use. Do not wear your bathing suit or nice panties to have a wax because they might get ruined.

What can I do to prepare for a Bikini or Brazilian Wax?
It is super important to have the correct length of hair, 1/4 inch is all you need. If your hair is too short, wait another week or two. If your hair is longer, please take the time to trim it. There are all sorts of trimmers on the market in every price range that will make this process quick and easy. If you rely on your technician to trim for you, you might not have enough time to finish your entire wax. This ensures that you will not need to reschedule.

If you are able to, take an Ibuprofen like Advil 45 mins before your wax. Advil is an anti inflammatory and will help with the swelling and redness.

Book your apointment for one week after your period. The skin is especially sensitive right before, during and directly after menstration. If you choose to get waxed during this time, you will cause yourself unnecessary pain.

Have some antihistamine cream like Benadryl Cream on hand for later. It is very common to get small red bumps or even mild hives after a wax, this is a histamine reaction. Your skin thinks it is under attack and it’s first defense is to release histamine to protect itself. Using a little Benadryl cream after a wax will help to soothe your skin.

How do I care for the waxed area between treatments?
Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 48 hours.
Opt for a shower instead of a hot bath for 48 hours. Also, stay away from hot tubs and saunas for the first two days-the heat can irritate newly sensitive skin.
Two or three days after your wax, be sure to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs. Continue to exfoliate 2-3 times a week until two days prior to your next appointment.
Don’t wear panties or pants that are too tight.
If you are a first time Bikini Wax client, consider making a return appointment for 2 weeks, after that, you should only need waxing every 4 to 6 weeks

Will I bleed?
Because the pubic area has such a rich blood supply, it is completely normal and should be expected to “spot” a little. Because the hair is being removed at the root, the blood will gather in the follicle until it realizes that there is no longer a hair to nourish. It will then absorb back into the skin. A few long time waxers may no longer experience spotting after the skin has been trained to know what is going on.

If I can’t handle the wax, can I ask the technician to stop?
Of course you can! It is your body-you need to do what is best for you in all things!
Consider booking enough time for a Brazilian (usually 30-45 mins) and have your technician start with just the bikini area. If you are comfortable with that much then go ahead and take the plunge!
If your pain threshold is smaller than you thought, before calling the wax quits, ask your technician to remove smaller areas of hair at a time. For many clients, this makes waxing much easier to handle.

Be adventurous and step outside of the shaving box-your clean smooth skin will give you an extra boost of confidence when bathing suit season hits. You may just throw that razor away for good!

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